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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Manual

Leica RX1200User ManualVersion 6.0English

Page 2 - Introduction

10RX1200Table of Contents7 Safety Directions 1347.1 General Introduction 1347.2 Intended Use 1357.3 Limits of Use 1377.4 Responsibilities 1387.5 End U

Page 3

100RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx5. Measure the required distance with the Disto. For Disto A4/A5, press and activate the 2nd key. Then press th

Page 4

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 1014.8 Connecting to a Personal ComputerActiveSync Microsoft ActiveSync is the synchronization software for Wind

Page 5 - • the SmartWorx DVD

102RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx10. Next>.11. Insert the SmartWorx DVD version 5.0 or higher.12. Tick Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM

Page 6 - Table of Contents

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 103Connect to LGO via USB cablestep-by-stepDescription1. Start the PC.2. Plug the GEV161 cable into RX1250.3. Tu

Page 7

104RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorxConnect to PC via USB cablestep-by-stepDescription1. Start the PC.2. Plug the GEV161 cable into RX1250.3. Turn

Page 8

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 105Via Bluetoothstep-by-stepDescription1. Activate Bluetooth on the PC.The steps required depend on the Bluetoot

Page 9

106RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx10. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/PC Connection.11. Select Bluetooth from the combo box.12. Go to Start/Pr

Page 10

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 1074.9 Connecting to a Radio (for Remote Control Surveys)4.9.1 Available RadiosConnectionsRadio modem PortIntern

Page 11

108RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4.9.2 Working in Remote ModeDescription In the remote mode TPS is controlled from RX. To work in this mode TPS

Page 12 - 1 Description of the System

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 1094.9.3 Working in Transparent ModeDescription <ComMode: Transparent> enables the remote control of TPS w

Page 13

Table of Contents RX1200 119 Technical Data 1689.1 RX Technical Data 1689.2 SmartAntenna Technical Data 1749.2.1 Tracking Characteristics 1749.2.2 Acc

Page 14

110RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4.9.4 Working in Semi-Transparent ModeDescription <ComMode: Semi-Transparent> enables the total remote co

Page 15 - 1.2 System Concept

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 1114.10 Connecting to the SmartAntennaConnectingstep-by-stepDescription1. Select Main Menu: Config...\Interfaces

Page 16

112RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorxAll available Bluetooth devices are displayed.10. Highlight the SmartAntenna to be used.11. CONT (F1))If the Sm

Page 17

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 113

Page 18

114RX1200Local Mode5 Local Mode5.1 Accessing the Main Configuration Menu)This menu is always available to RX1210/RX1210T.This menu is only available t

Page 19

Local Mode RX1200 1155.2 Overview of the Main Configuration MenuMainConfiguration MenuDescription of main menu functionsMain menu function Description

Page 20

116RX1200Local Mode5.3 Choosing a SensorAccessstep-by-stepChoose Sensor Description of fieldsDescription1. Refer to "5.1 Accessing the Main Confi

Page 21 - 1.2.3 Power Concept

Local Mode RX1200 1175.4 Local SettingsDescription The settings on this screen allow the screen appearance to be configured, turn the notification bee

Page 22 - 1.3 Container Contents

118RX1200Local Mode<Screen Illum:> Off, Always On, On for 30 s,On for 1 min,On for 2 min orOn for 5 minControls the screen illumination to be on

Page 23 - SYS12_002

Local Mode RX1200 119Next stepLocal Settings,Beeps pageDescription of fieldsIF THENthe local settings are to be exited CONT (F1) accepts changes and r

Page 24 - 1.4 RX Components

12RX1200Description of the System1 Description of the System1.1 TerminologyAbbreviations The following abbreviations may be found in this manual:RXgen

Page 25 - RX12_002

120RX1200Local ModeLocal Settings,More pageDescription of fieldsField Option Description<Language:> Choicelist Allows the local mode functions t

Page 26 - 2 User Interface

Local Mode RX1200 1215.5 Radio Settings5.5.1 Radio Communication SettingsDescription Allows changes to the communication parameters of RX.Accessstep-b

Page 27

122RX1200Local ModeTransparent Deactivates the software functionality of RX, converting it into a radio modem which can be used with GFU23, RadioHandl

Page 28

Local Mode RX1200 123Next stepRadio/Comms Settings,Param pageDescription of fieldsIF THENthe local settings are to be exitedCONT (F1) accepts changes

Page 29

124RX1200Local ModeNext step<Terminator:> Output The terminator of a data packet.<Data Bits:> Output Number of bits in a block of digital

Page 30 - 2.2 Screen

Local Mode RX1200 125radio settings are to be editedEXT R (F4) displays and allows editing of TCPS27 external radio settings when connected to the LEM

Page 31

126RX1200Local Mode5.5.2 Configuring the RadiosView/edit internal/external radio settingsstep-by-stepSynchronising radio settings for the RXstep-by-st

Page 32 - 2.3 Operating Principles

Local Mode RX1200 1273. SYNC (F5). 4. Open Radio/Comms Settings, Param page.5. The settings of the internal radio of RX are displayed.6. Edit settings

Page 33 - 2.4 Icons

128RX1200Local Mode5.6 Working with a SensorDescription This function allows to leave the Main Configuration Menu and returns to working with the sens

Page 34

Local Mode RX1200 129

Page 35

Description of the System RX1200 13RXavailable modelsModelTouch screenDisplay-monochromeDisplay-colourInternal radio modemInternal batteryCompactFlash

Page 36

130RX1200Care and Transport6 Care and Transport6.1 TransportTransport in a road vehicleNever carry the product loose in a road vehicle, as it can be a

Page 37

Care and Transport RX1200 1316.2 StorageProduct Respect the temperature limits when storing the equipment, particularly in summer if the equipment is

Page 38 - 3 Setting up the Equipment

132RX1200Care and Transport6.3 Cleaning and DryingProduct and acces-soriesUse only a clean, soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. If necessary, moisten

Page 39 - RX12_016

Care and Transport RX1200 133

Page 40 - RX12_015

134RX1200Safety Directions7 Safety Directions7.1 General IntroductionDescription The following directions should enable the person responsible for the

Page 41 - RX12_014

Safety Directions RX1200 1357.2 Intended UsePermitted use • Remote control of product.• Data communication with external appliances.Adverse use • Use

Page 42 - RX12_007

136RX1200Safety DirectionsWarning Adverse use can lead to injury, malfunction and damage. It is the task of the person responsible for the equipment

Page 43 - RX12_003

Safety Directions RX1200 1377.3 Limits of UseEnvironment Suitable for use in an atmosphere appropriate for permanent human habitation: not suitable fo

Page 44 - RX12_008

138RX1200Safety Directions7.4 ResponsibilitiesManufacturer of the productLeica Geosystems AG, CH-9435 Heerbrugg, hereinafter referred to as Leica Geos

Page 45 - RX12_009

Safety Directions RX1200 139Warning The person responsible for the product must ensure that it is used in accordance with the instructions. This pers

Page 46 - RX12_041

14RX1200Description of the SystemRXavailable radiosRadios for remote control (RCS) are found in the following devices:Radio ModemDescriptionGFU23 Clip

Page 47 - RX12_011

140RX1200Safety Directions7.5 End User Licence Agreement EULAEULA terms • You have acquired a device RX1250 that includes software licenced by Leica G

Page 48 - RX12_010


Page 49 - 3.1.6 Setting up SmartPole

142RX1200Safety Directionsexcept and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by appli-cable law notwithstanding these limitation.

Page 50 - 6.562 ft

Safety Directions RX1200 1437.6 Hazards of UseWarning The absence of instruction, or the inadequate imparting of instruction, can lead to incorrect o

Page 51

144RX1200Safety DirectionsWarning If the product is used with accessories, for example masts, staffs, poles, you may increase the risk of being struc

Page 52 - 3.1.8 Setting up SmartRover

Safety Directions RX1200 145Warning Only Leica Geosystems authorized service workshops are entitled to repair these products.Warning If computers in

Page 53

146RX1200Safety DirectionsCaution During the transport, shipping or disposal of batteries it is possible for inappropriate mechanical influences to c

Page 54 - 3.2 Batteries

Safety Directions RX1200 147Warning Short circuited battery terminals can overheat and cause injury or fire, for example by storing or transporting i

Page 55 - Operation/Discharging

148RX1200Safety DirectionsProduct specific treatment and waste management information can be downloaded from the Leica Geosystems home page at http://

Page 56 - RX12_018

Safety Directions RX1200 1497.7 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMCDescription The term Electromagnetic Compatability is taken to mean the capability of

Page 57

Description of the System RX1200 151.2 System Concept1.2.1 Software ConceptSoftware for RX1210/RX1210TSoftware for all RX1250 modelsSoftware type Desc

Page 58 - TPS12_193

150RX1200Safety DirectionsCaution Disturbances caused by electromagnetic radiation can result in erroneous measure-ments.Although the product meets t

Page 59

Safety Directions RX1200 151Radios or digital cellular phonesUse of product with radio or digital cellular phone:Warning Electromagnetic radiation ca

Page 60 - 3.2.4 Battery for GHT56

152RX1200Safety Directions7.8 FCC Statement, Applicable in U.S.Applicablility The grayed paragraph below is only applicable for RX1210 products withou

Page 61

Safety Directions RX1200 153Warning Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Leica Geosystems for compli-ance could void the user's au

Page 62

154RX1200Safety DirectionsLabellingall RX1250 modelsLabellingSmartAntennaRX12_025 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is sub

Page 63 - RX12_019

Safety Directions RX1200 155LabellingGHT56RX12_026Type: GHT 56 ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 64

156RX1200Safety DirectionsLabellingGFU23, GFU24GPS12_103This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two

Page 65

Safety Directions RX1200 157LabellingGFU19, GFU25, GFU26TPS12_218This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the follo

Page 66 - GPS12_153

158RX1200Safety DirectionsLabellinginternal battery GEB211, GEB221TPS12_082 ... ... ... ...

Page 67

Safety Directions RX1200 159LabellingUSB cable GEV161RX12_027Type: GEV161Art.No.: 733281Power: 3,3V / 0,005mA Leica Geosystems AGCH-9435 Heerb

Page 68 - RX12_021

16RX1200Description of the System- The programs Survey and Wake-Up (for GPS) and Survey and Setup (for TPS), which cannot be deleted.- The English lan

Page 69

160RX1200Trouble Shooting8 Trouble ShootingTurning on and communicating with theinstrumentsProblem Details To be checkedRX does not turn onallRX1250 m

Page 70

Trouble Shooting RX1200 161• TPS1200+/TPS1200 is set to work in RCS mode. Refer to TPS1200+/TPS1200 Technical Refer-ence Manual.• The base radio is co

Page 71 - RX12_020

162RX1200Trouble ShootingVia cable • <Sensor: TPS1200+> or <Sensor: Auto Detect> is selected in Main Configuration Menu: Choose Sensor on

Page 72

Trouble Shooting RX1200 163• <Sensor: GPS1200> or <Sensor: Auto Detect> is selected in Main Configuration Menu: Choose Sensor on RX. Refer

Page 73

164RX1200Trouble ShootingRadio performanceRX1250 communi-cating with radio/digital cellular phoneProblem Details To be checkedRadio range not optimal•

Page 74

Trouble Shooting RX1200 165RX1250 recog-nising Compact-Flash card• Battery of digital cellular phone fully charged.RX1250 does not recognise radioVia

Page 75 - GPS12_088

166RX1200Trouble ShootingRX1250Windows CERX1250 Bluetooth connection to PCProblem Details To be checkedIcons not on Windows CE desktopIcon to display

Page 76

Trouble Shooting RX1200 167• Is the device properly detected and the driver loaded?• Go to My Computer/Manage/Device Management. Check the settings of

Page 77 - GPS12_089

168RX1200Technical Data9 Technical Data9.1 RX Technical DataDesign Glass reinforced polymer housing with optional integrated battery and radio modem.C

Page 78

Technical Data RX1200 169WeightRecording For all RX1250 models, data can be recorded on the CompactFlash card.Type Weight [kg]/[lbs]RX1210/RX1210T 0.4

Page 79

Description of the System RX1200 17Software for the SmartAntennaSoftware uploadCustomised applica-tion programsCustom software specific to user requir

Page 80

170RX1200Technical DataPowerType Consumption [W] External supply voltageRX1210/RX1210T 1 Nominal voltage 12 V DC ()Voltage range 11.5 V-28 VRX1250T/RX

Page 81

Technical Data RX1200 171Internal batteryEnvironmental specificationsTemperatureType Battery Voltage Capacity Operating time,typicalRX1250T/RX1250TcLi

Page 82 - 4.1 Overview

172RX1200Technical DataProtection against water, dust and sandHumidityInterfacesType Protectionall models IP67 (IEC60529)DusttightWaterproof to 1 m te

Page 83

Technical Data RX1200 173Data format for RS232The default values are:PortsBaud rate: 115200 Parity: NoneTerminator: CR/LFData bits: 8Stop bits: 1Type

Page 84

174RX1200Technical Data9.2 SmartAntenna Technical Data9.2.1 Tracking CharacteristicsReceivertechnologySmartTrack+ (ATX1230 GG)Satellite reception Dual

Page 85

Technical Data RX1200 175GLONASSCarrier tracking GPSGLONASSType L1 L2ATX1230 GG Carrier phase, C/A code Carrier phase, P2 codeCondition ATX1230 GGL1,

Page 86

176RX1200Technical DataCode measure-mentsGPSGLONASS)Carrier phase and code measurements on L1 and L2 are fully independent with AS on or off.Satellite

Page 87

Technical Data RX1200 1779.2.2 Accuracy)Accuracy is dependent upon various factors including the number of satellites tracked, constellation geometry,

Page 88

178RX1200Technical Data9.2.3 Technical DataDescription and useThe SmartAntenna is selected for use based upon the application. The table gives a descr

Page 89

Technical Data RX1200 179Battery internalElectrical dataType: Li-IonVoltage: 7.4 VCapacity: GEB211: 2.2 AhTypical operating time: 5.7 hType ATX1230 GG

Page 90

18RX1200Description of the SystemIf GPS1200 is being used, refer to the GPS1200 Technical Reference Manual.If LGO is being used, refer to the online h

Page 91

180RX1200Technical DataEnvironmental specificationsTemperatureProtection against water, dust and sandHumidityOperating temperature [°C] Storage temper

Page 92 - 4.5 Working with Licence Keys

Technical Data RX1200 181The effects of condensation are to be effectively counteracted by periodically drying out the antenna.Protection

Page 93

182RX1200Technical Data9.3 GHT56 Technical DataDimensionsConnector • 8 pin LEMO-1• 7 pin clip-on-contactsWeight 0.460 kg including internal battery GE

Page 94

Technical Data RX1200 183Environmental specificationsTemperatureProtection against water, dust and sandGFU14, receive only mode: 16.8 hGFU24: 7.1 hPac

Page 95

184RX1200Technical DataHumidityProtectionUp to 100 %The effects of condensation are to be effectively counteracted by periodically drying out the ante

Page 96

Technical Data RX1200 1859.4 Conformity to National Regulations9.4.1 RX1210Conformity to national regula-tionsHereby, Leica Geosystems AG, declares th

Page 97

186RX1200Technical Data9.4.2 RX1250, GFU23Conformity to national regulationsFrequency band• FCC Part 15 (applicable in US)• Hereby, Leica Geosystems A

Page 98 - 4.7 Connecting to the Disto

Technical Data RX1200 187Output powerAntennaType Output power [mW]all RX1250 models (Bluetooth) 2.5RX1250T/RX1250Tc (Spread Spectrum Transceiver) <

Page 99

188RX1200Technical Data9.4.3 GFU24, Siemens MC75Conformity to national regulationsFrequency band Quad-Band EGSM850 / EGSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 MHzOu

Page 100

Technical Data RX1200 189AntennasSpecific Absorp-tion Rate (SAR)The product meets the limits for the maximum permissible exposure of the guide-lines a

Page 101

Description of the System RX1200 191.2.2 Data Storage and Data Conversion ConceptDescription Data is stored within a job in a database on a memory dev

Page 102

190RX1200Technical Data9.4.4 GFU19 (US), GFU25 (CAN), GFU26 (US) CDMA MultiTech MTMMC-CConformity to national regulations• FCC Part 15, 22 and 24 (app

Page 103

Technical Data RX1200 191Specific Absorp-tion Rate (SAR)The product meets the limits for the maximum permissible exposure of the guide-lines and stand

Page 104

192RX1200Technical Data9.4.5 SmartAntenna with BluetoothConformity to national regulationsFrequency band• FCC Part 15 (applicable in US)• Hereby, Leic

Page 105

Technical Data RX1200 193Output powerAntennaType Output power [mW]GNSS Receive onlyBluetooth 5GNSS Internal GNSS antenna element (receive only)Bluetoo

Page 106

194RX1200International Limited Warranty, Soft-ware Licence Agreement10 International Limited Warranty, Software Licence Agree-mentInternational Limite

Page 107 - 4.9.1 Available Radios

International Limited Warranty, Software Licence AgreementRX1200 195Such agreement is provided together with all products and can also be referred to

Page 108 - 4.9.2 Working in Remote Mode

196RX1200Directory Structure of the Memory DeviceAppendix A Directory Structure of the Memory DeviceDescription On the memory device, files are stored

Page 109

Directory Structure of the Memory Device RX1200 197| |—— GEOID||||• Geoid field files (*.gem)| |—— RINGBUF|||• Ring buffer files|—— DBX|||||||• Job f

Page 110

198RX1200CablesAppendix B CablesDescription Some applications require the connection of instruments, devices or accessories to the RX. In this chapter

Page 111

Cables RX1200 199Cables and product namesThe product names of the cables in the above table are explained in detail below in ascending order.GRX1200 P

Page 112

2RX1200IntroductionIntroductionPurchase Congratulations on the purchase of an RX1200.This manual contains important safety directions as well as instr

Page 113

20RX1200Description of the SystemData conversion ExportData can be exported from a job in a wide range of ASCII formats. The export format is defined

Page 114 - 5 Local Mode

200RX1200CablesGEV160 Cable 2.8 m, data transfer GX COM to RS232GEV161 Cable 2.8 m, data transfer GX RX1250 to USBGEV162 Cable 2.8 m, data transfer GX

Page 115

Cables RX1200 201

Page 116 - 5.3 Choosing a Sensor

202RX1200IndexIndexAAbbreviations ... 12ActiveSync ...

Page 117 - 5.4 Local Settings

Index RX1200 203Coordinate system file, directory ... 197CSCS field file, directory ... 196DData

Page 118

204RX1200IndexGFU25 ... 190GFU26 ...

Page 119

Index RX1200 205LLabellingGHT56 ... 155RX1210 ...

Page 120

206RX1200IndexFor RX ... 171GHT56 ... 18

Page 121 - 5.5 Radio Settings

Index RX1200 207Detach from pole ... 42Firmware for all RX1250 models ... 15Firmware for RX1

Page 122

208RX1200IndexFor RX ... 171GHT56 ... 18

Page 123

Index RX1200 209

Page 124

Description of the System RX1200 211.2.3 Power ConceptGeneral Use the Leica Geosystems batteries, chargers and accessories or accessories recommended

Page 125

Total Quality Management: Our commitment to total customer satisfaction.Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, has been certified as being equip

Page 126 - 5.5.2 Configuring the Radios

22RX1200Description of the System1.3 Container ContentsContainer for System 1200 componentspart 1 of 2a) GAD33 Arm 15cmb) ATX SmartAntennac) Cablesd)

Page 127

Description of the System RX1200 23Container for System 1200 componentspart 2 of 2a) Manualsb) GHT57 Bracketc) CompactFlash cardd) GRZ4 / GRZ122 Prism

Page 128 - 5.6 Working with a Sensor

24RX1200Description of the System1.4 RX ComponentsUpperside of RXa) For RX1250T/RX1250Tc: Radio antennab) Screenc) Keyboardd) Hand strap bottom clipse

Page 129 - Local Mode RX1200 129

Description of the System RX1200 25Underside of RXa) Bottom spring clip for pole holderb) Top clips for pole holderc) Hand strap top clipsd) Styluse)

Page 130 - 6 Care and Transport

26RX1200User Interface2 User Interface2.1 KeyboardKeyboard displaya) Function keys F1-F6 b) Alpha keysc) CAPSd) Hot keys F7-F12 e) SPACE, SHIFTf) ENTE

Page 131 - 6.2 Storage

User Interface RX1200 27)For the purpose of the illustration, a RX1250 model has been selected which is representative for all models. Differences to

Page 132 - 6.3 Cleaning and Drying

28RX1200User InterfacePROG (ON) If RX is already off: Turns RX on.If RX is already on: Accesses the Programs menu.SHIFT Switches between the first and

Page 133 - Care and Transport RX1200 133

User Interface RX1200 29Key combinationsKey FunctionPROG plus USER In SmartWorx mode and in the Main Menu:Turns RX off when pressed simultaneously.In

Page 134 - 7 Safety Directions

Introduction RX1200 3Symbols The symbols used in this manual have the following meanings:Trademarks • Windows and Windows CE are a registered trademar

Page 135 - 7.2 Intended Use

30RX1200User Interface2.2 ScreenScreen Elementsa) Timeb) Captionc) Titled) Screen areae) Message linef) Iconsg) ESC h) CAPSi) SHIFT iconj) Quick codi

Page 136

User Interface RX1200 31Screen area The working area of the screen.Message line Messages are shown for 10 s.Icons Shows current status information of

Page 137 - 7.3 Limits of Use

32RX1200User Interface2.3 Operating PrinciplesKeyboard and touch screenThe user interface is operated either by the keyboard or by the touch screen wi

Page 138 - 7.4 Responsibilities

User Interface RX1200 332.4 IconsDescription For a complete listing of icons• for GPS1200 refer to GPS1200 System Field Manual.• for TPS1200+ refer to

Page 139 - Safety Directions RX1200 139

34RX1200User InterfaceBluetooth icons The status of each Bluetooth port and any Bluetooth connection is displayed.Tapping the icon leads to STATUS Blu

Page 140

User Interface RX1200 35Full Switch icon in GPS instrument modeThe following icon appears only in the Main Menu.Full Switch icon in TPS instrument mod

Page 141

36RX1200User InterfaceNo connection to the SmartAntennaActive connection to the SmartAntenna - navigated solutionActive connection to the SmartAntenna

Page 142

User Interface RX1200 37Interface icons in TPS instrument modeTapping the icon leads to Configure Interfaces. The icon displays the current status of

Page 143 - 7.6 Hazards of Use

38RX1200Setting up the Equipment3 Setting up the Equipment3.1 Equipment Setup3.1.1 Fixing the RX to a Holder and PoleComponents of the GHT39 holderThe

Page 144

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 39Components of the GHT56 holderThe GHT56 holder consists of a number of components, as shown in the diagram.Fixing th

Page 145

4RX1200IntroductionValidity of this manualThis manual applies to all RX controllers. Differences between the various models are marked and described.A

Page 146

40RX1200Setting up the Equipment3. Insert pole into the clamp hole.4. Adjust the angle of the mounting plate and the height of the holder on the pole

Page 147

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 418. Apply slight pressure in a downward direction and then lower the top part of RX until the unit is clicked into th

Page 148 - Safety Directions

42RX1200Setting up the EquipmentDetaching the RX from a pole step-by-stepDescription1. Unlock the locking pin by pushing down the red button situated

Page 149

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 433.1.2 Fixing the RX to a HandstrapFixing the RX to a Handstrap step-by-stepDescription1. Hold the main hook rotated

Page 150

44RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.1.3 Fixing the RX to a GNSS ReceiverFixing the RX to GNSS receiver step-by-stepDescription1. Hold RX above the reces

Page 151

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 45Detaching the RX from GNSS receiver step-by-stepDescription1. Place the palm over the top of RX.2. Compress RX downw

Page 152

46RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.1.4 Setting up for Remote Control (with the RadioHandle)TPS1200+/TPS1200/RX1200 setup for RCS with Radio-Handlea) 36

Page 153 - RX1210/RX1210T

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 473.1.5 Setting up for Remote Control (with the TCPS27)TPS1200+/TPS1200/RX1200 setup for RCS with TCPS27a) 360° prismb

Page 154 - Typ e : RX1250

48RX1200Setting up the EquipmentMount base radio to tripodstep-by-stepDescription1. The GHT43 tripod adapter is used to mount TCPS27B to all Leica sta

Page 155 - Safety Directions RX1200 155

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 493.1.6 Setting up SmartPoleSmartPole setupa) SmartAntennab) Battery for SmartAntennac) GRZ122 360° prismd) GLS12 (cm)

Page 156 - GFU23, GFU24

Introduction RX1200 5Refer to the following resources for all System1200 documentation/software:• the SmartWorx DVD•

Page 157 - GFU19, GFU25

50RX1200Setting up the EquipmentUnderstanding the reflector/antenna heights with the GLS12/GLS12F poleThe GLS12 (cm)/GLS12F (ft) telescopic pole has f

Page 158 - TPS12_082

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 513.1.7 Setting up a Real-Time ReferenceDescription Two setups for RX1250 are given as example. Refer to GPS1200 Techn

Page 159 - RX12_027

52RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.1.8 Setting up SmartRoverSmartRover setup with external radioa) SmartAntennab) Battery for SmartAntennac) Upper half

Page 160 - 8 Trouble Shooting

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 53Increase radio coverage on Smart-RoverDescriptionSome applications require the maximum radio coverage. In those case

Page 161

54RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.2 Batteries3.2.1 Operating Principles)This chapter is valid for all RX1250 models and GHT56.)Primary use/charging• T

Page 162

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 55Operation/Discharging• The batteries can be operated from -20°C to +55°C/-4°F to +131°F.• Low operating temperatures

Page 163

56RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.2.2 Battery for all RX1250 modelsChange battery step-by-stepfDescription1. Turn RX over to gain access to the batter

Page 164

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 574. Pull the battery from the battery compartment.5. A pictogram of the battery is displayed inside the battery compa

Page 165

58RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.2.3 Battery for SmartAntennaChange battery step-by-stepDescription1.)Turn SmartAntenna over to gain access to the ba

Page 166

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 594. A polarity of the battery is displayed inside the battery housing. This is a visual aid to assist in placing the

Page 167

6RX1200Table of ContentsTable of ContentsIn this manual Chapter Page1 Description of the System 121.1 Terminology 121.2 System Concept 151.2.1 Softwar

Page 168 - 9 Technical Data

60RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.2.4 Battery for GHT56Change battery step-by-stepfDescription1. Turn GHT56 over to gain access to the battery compart

Page 169

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 615. Press simultaneously on the right side of the locking mechanism and the right side of the battery.)This locks the

Page 170

62RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.3 Working with the CompactFlash Card)This chapter is only valid for all RX1250 models.)• Keep the card dry.• Use it

Page 171

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 63Insert and remove a CompactFlash card step-by-stepDescription1. The CompactFlash card is inserted into a slot inside

Page 172

64RX1200Setting up the EquipmentFormat a Compact-Flash card step-by-stepFormatting the CompactFlash card before logging data is started is required if

Page 173

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 65Description1. Select Main Menu: Tools...\Format Memory Device.2. TOOLS Format Memory Device<Memory Device: CF Car

Page 174

66RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.4 LED Indicators on SmartAntennaLED indicators DescriptionSmartAntenna has Light Emitting Diode indicators. They ind

Page 175

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 67Description of the LED’sIF the is THENTRK off no satellites are tracked.flashing green less than four satellites are

Page 176

68RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.5 LED Indicators on GHT56LED indicator DescriptionGHT56 has one Light Emitting Diode indicator. It indicates the bas

Page 177 - 9.2.2 Accuracy

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 69Description of the LEDIF the is THENPWR off power is power is okay.flashing green power is low. The remain

Page 178 - 9.2.3 Technical Data

Table of Contents RX1200 73 Setting up the Equipment 383.1 Equipment Setup 383.1.1 Fixing the RX to a Holder and Pole 383.1.2 Fixing the RX to a Hands

Page 179

70RX1200Setting up the Equipment3.6 Working with the Clip-On-Housings for Devices on GHT56Devices fitting into a clip-on-housingDigital cellular phone

Page 180

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 71Attach a clip-on-housing step-by-stepThe clip-on-housing for devices fits to the underside of the GHT56.Description1

Page 181 - Protection

72RX1200Setting up the EquipmentDetach a clip-on-housing step-by-stepTurn GHT56 over to gain access to the space for the clip-on-housing.2. Place the

Page 182 - 9.3 GHT56 Technical Data

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 73Insert a SIM card step-by-stepFor those digital cellular phones that require SIM cards.3. Pull the clip-on-housing f

Page 183

74RX1200Setting up the Equipment10. Place the SIM card screw back on the housing.11. Insert the coin into the groove of the SIM card screw.12. Turn th

Page 184

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 75Remove a SIM card step-by-stepFor those digital cellular phones that require SIM cards.Description1. Take a coin and

Page 185 - 9.4.1 RX1210

76RX1200Setting up the Equipment4. Turn the coin anticlockwise to loosen the SIM card screw.5. Remove the SIM card screw from the housing.6. Using the

Page 186 - 9.4.2 RX1250, GFU23

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 77LED indicators DescriptionEach clip-on-housing for a radio, digital cellular phones or Bluetooth communication has L

Page 187

78RX1200Setting up the EquipmentDescription of the LED’sIF the on is THENConfig LEDGFU14 with Satelline 3AS, GFU23red the device is in the configurati

Page 188 - 9.4.3 GFU24, Siemens MC75

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 79GFU24 with Siemens MC75red call is in long flash, long breakno SIM card inserted, no PIN entered or ne

Page 189

8RX1200Table of Contents4 Getting Started with SmartWorx 824.1 Overview 824.2 Turning on the RX, setting the Instrument Mode and Interface 834.3 Under

Page 190

80RX1200Setting up the EquipmentGFU14 with Satelline 3ASred or flashing red the communication link, Data Carrier Detection, is okay on the roving rece

Page 191

Setting up the Equipment RX1200 813.7 Guidelines for Correct Results with GNSS SurveysUndisturbed satel-lite signal recep-tionSuccessful GNSS surveys

Page 192

82RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4 Getting Started with SmartWorx4.1 OverviewChoosing the correct program on the Windows CE DesktopData Storage I

Page 193

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 834.2 Turning on the RX, setting the Instrument Mode and InterfaceTurning the RX on step-by-stepDescription1. En

Page 194

84RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx3. For SmartWorx, the Instrument Mode Selection screen is displayed by default.To connect the RX to GPS, select

Page 195

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 85Setting the SmartAntenna Interface.Turn on the SmartAntenna.Set Use Device=Yes.Select a free Bluetooth port.Pr

Page 196

86RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx)Setting the interface between the RX and the connecting device can always be set later. From the Main Menu sele

Page 197

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 874.3 Understanding the Main MenuThe Main MenuMain Menu icons Refer to "2.4 Icons" for a list and desc

Page 198 - Appendix B Cables

88RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorxMain Menu keysDescriptionTo select the highlighted menu function and continue CONT (F1)To select another sensor

Page 199

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 894.4 Switching Between GPS and TPSFull switchingstep-by-stepTo switch from GPS instrument mode to TPS instrumen

Page 200

Table of Contents RX1200 95 Local Mode 1145.1 Accessing the Main Configuration Menu 1145.2 Overview of the Main Configuration Menu 1155.3 Choosing a S

Page 201 - Cables RX1200 201

90RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorxSwitching in survey step-by-stepTo switch between TPS Survey and GPS Survey during Survey:1. From TPS Survey:Opt

Page 202

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 91Switching in setup step-by-stepTo switch to GPS Survey during Setup:1. Select the setup method.2. Press GPS (F

Page 203

92RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4.5 Working with Licence KeysRemote Licensing It is possible to temporarily transfer a program licence from TPS1

Page 204

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 93Protected optionsDXF ImportHidden Point (for TPS only) 9RoadRunner 9Reference Line 9Reference Plane 9StakeoutV

Page 205

94RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorxActivating a licenceoption - GLONASS permanent option 9Protected option Licence KeyDescription1. To enter a lice

Page 206

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 952. Upload Key File:Upload the key file from the CompactFlash card. The key file must be stored in the \SYSTEM

Page 207

96RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4.6 Connecting to a Digital Cellular PhoneConnectingstep-by-stepDescription1. Select Main Menu: Config...\Interf

Page 208

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 97All available Bluetooth devices are displayed.10. Highlight the digital cellular phone to be used.11. CONT (F1

Page 209 - Index RX1200 209

98RX1200Getting Started with SmartWorx4.7 Connecting to the DistoConnectingstep-by-stepDescription1. Turn on the Disto. Press the Bluetooth key to act

Page 210 - 733550-6.0.0en

Getting Started with SmartWorx RX1200 993. Press SHIFT CONF (F2) to enter the Configuration screen.4. Set <Use Device: Yes>. Select a free Bluet

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