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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - VR2004 Series

FriendlyNET® VR2004 Series VPN Security Routers User’s Manual

Page 2 - Before You Start

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 10

Page 3 - Quick Start Guide

User’s Manual 11 Table of Contents Before You Start 2 Quick Start Guide

Page 4 - Mac OS X

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 12

Page 5 - Windows 98/Me

User’s Manual 13 Chapter 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing the FriendlyNET VR2004 Series VPN Se-curity Router. The router provides an easy, af

Page 6 - Windows NT/2000

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 14 •Hacker Attack Logging: Supports general hacker attack pattern monitoring and logging •High Performance 32-bit RISC

Page 7 - Windows XP

User’s Manual 15 •DMZ (Demilitarized Zone): Allows you to place one server or workstation outside the firewall, to allow outside parties unrestricted

Page 8 - 2. Install The Hardware

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 16 From left to right, the rear panel of the router contains the following: Power (5 VDC) plug; Internet (WAN) port;

Page 9 - 3. Configure Your Router

User’s Manual 17 Chapter 2. Configuration Power up the router first, before powering up the at-tached devices. Launch your web browser and type the d

Page 10

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 18 •Time Zone Settings •Device IP Settings •ISP Settings •Additional ISP Settings •Modem Settings •VPN Settings Impor

Page 11 - Table of Contents

User’s Manual 19 Quick Start Guide), and click Next to enter the data. If you use a dynamic IP Address, check the Dynamic IP radio button and click N

Page 12

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 2 Before You Start Thank you for purchasing the Asanté FriendlyNET VR2004 Series VPN Security Router. Your router has

Page 13 - Chapter 1. Introduction

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 20 ISPs use the information for authentication purposes, so you must select the check box and enter the requested info

Page 14

User’s Manual 21 Click Next to enter the new data and to proceed to the Wireless Settings page (VR2004AC model only) or to the Modem Settings page. 2

Page 15 - 1.3 System Requirements

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 22 Encryption Most internal LAN traffic does not require additional security meas-ures. If you are transferring sens

Page 16

User’s Manual 23 2.1.7 VPN Settings The router can be used as an ordinary unencrypted connection to the Internet, or as a secure connection to anot

Page 17 - Chapter 2. Configuration

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 24 2.2 Device Information This page displays the current settings of the router: •Device Name: The host

Page 18

User’s Manual 25 •VPN Status: View the IPSec Connection Status for VPN tunnels •DHCP Status: Click to refresh the DHCP log 2.4 System Tools From the

Page 19 - User’s Manual

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 26 •Upgrade Firmware: Allows you to upgrade the router to the latest version of firmware •Reset Device: Restarts the r

Page 20

User’s Manual 27 Chapter 3. Advanced Settings From the main menu, click on the corresponding button to access the Advanced Settings screen. From her

Page 21

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 28 IP Address Pool Range This pool contains the range of IP addresses that will automatically be assigned to the clie

Page 22 - 2.1.6 Modem Settings

User’s Manual 29 Enter the IP addresses of the network servers and the Service Port Range to allow remote access to the desired ports. The Server Port

Page 23 - 2.1.8 Save and Restart

User’s Manual 3 Quick Start Guide This section will guide you through setting up the Asanté FriendlyNET router with your Cable/DSL modem. Setting up

Page 24 - 2.3 Device Status

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 30 3.3 Wireless Access Control Settings * This feature should only be used by users with an extensive knowledge of TC

Page 25 - 2.4 System Tools

User’s Manual 31 To delete a MAC address, select the corresponding checkbox and click the Del button. The maximum number of entries allowed in the tab

Page 26

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 32 To specify that gateway you need to define a static route. •Destination IP Address: The network address of the re-

Page 27 - Chapter 3. Advanced Settings

User’s Manual 33 3.5 Filter Settings Filter Settings give you additional control over what users on your local network can see on the Internet, or wh

Page 28 - 3.2 Virtual Server Settings

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 34 Your selections should look like this: •LAN Side Filter Enabled: Enabled •Default LAN Side Filter: Pass •Filter En

Page 29

User’s Manual 35 3.6 Administrative Settings In this screen, you can set several administrative options for the router simply by entering a password

Page 30

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 36 3.6.2 Remote System Administration You may configure your router to allow a user on the Internet to ad-minister it

Page 31 - 3.4 Routing Settings

User’s Manual 37 ISP sets the limit on packet size for PPPoE connection, in which case, you will have to change the MTU setting. See your ISP for deta

Page 32

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 38 may enable the Use wildcards feature. 3.8 URL Filter Settings This feature allows you to block access to certain

Page 33 - 3.5 Filter Settings

User’s Manual 39 To enable this feature, access the E-mail Alert screen from the Ad-vanced Settings page and check the box Enable E-mail Notifica-ti

Page 34

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 4 4. Once the information has been recorded, choose Using DHCP Server from the Configure: pull-down menu. Close the di

Page 35 - 3.6 Administrative Settings

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 40

Page 36 - 3.6.5 System Parameters

User’s Manual 41 Chapter 4. VPN Configuration If you require more than an ordinary, unencrypted connection to the Internet, the router supports IPSec

Page 37 - 3.7 Dynamic DNS Settings

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 42 You will require three pieces of information about each LAN that is taking part in a VPN connection: 1. The remote

Page 38 - 3.9 E-mail Alert

User’s Manual 43 VR2004 ‘A’ (West end) •Connection Name: West-East •Local IPSec Identifier: West (Allows you to identify multi-ple tunnels and does n

Page 39 - 3.10 Save and Restart

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 44 •Remote IP Network: •Remote IP Netmask: •Remote Gateway IP: •Network Inter

Page 40

User’s Manual 45 •Remote IP Network: •Remote Netmask: •Remote Gateway IP: •Network Interface: The interface o

Page 41 - Chapter 4. VPN Configuration

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 46 The preferred way to do this is with automatic keying using the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE). This requires

Page 42 - VR2004 B LAN 2

User’s Manual 47 4.3.3 Pre-Shared Key IKE can establish a key for the two ends of the tunnel to use to en-crypt the traffic bound for the other netwo

Page 43

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 48 The following sections describe the parameters that will need to be entered for a manually keyed tunnel. 4.4.1 Inc

Page 44 - 4.2 Client-to-Network

User’s Manual 49 4.4.5 Authentication Key This string is used as key authentication. Use an alpha-numeric value of 16 characters (MD5) or 20 characte

Page 45 - 4.3 IPSec Keying (IKE Mode)

User’s Manual 5 4. Once the information has been recorded, select Configure: Using DHCP. You will receive an IP address automatically from your DHCP s

Page 46 - 4.3.2 Encryption Protocol

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 50

Page 47 - 4.4 Manual Mode

User’s Manual 51 Appendix A. Warranty Statement and FriendlyCare Support Subject to the limitations and exclusions below, Asanté warrants to the orig

Page 48 - 4.4.3 Encryption Key


Page 49 - 4.4.5 Authentication Key

User’s Manual 53 Appendix B. FCC Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant

Page 50

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 54

Page 51 - FriendlyCare Support

User’s Manual 55 Appendix C. Troubleshooting Before beginning the troubleshooting process, please check the System Requirements found in Chapter 1 ha

Page 52

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 56 C.2 Problems Accessing Router If you have problems accessing the router, please check the follow-ing: 1. Can

Page 53 - Appendix B. FCC Statement

User’s Manual 57 C.3 Cabling Problems Network cables connect devices in an Ethernet network, such as computers, printers, hubs, routers and Cable/DSL

Page 54

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 58 2. If the port functions correctly, make sure the router is attached to an Uplink Port on the hub or switch. If th

Page 55 - Appendix C. Troubleshooting

User’s Manual 59 Appendix D. Renewing Client IP Addresses Perform the following to renew the IP addresses of client computers after configuring your

Page 56 - C.2.1 Using Windows Ping

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 6 3. Expand this dialog box by clicking on the More Info >> button. 4. Complete the information in this table: T

Page 57 - C.3 Cabling Problems

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 60

Page 58 - Other hints about cabling

User’s Manual 61 Appendix E. Service Ports The table below lists some of the more common TCP and UDP ser-vice ports. Port Service 20 FTP-DATA 21

Page 59 - D.3 Macintosh

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 62

Page 60

User’s Manual 63 Appendix F. Hardware and Software Compatibility Protocols Supported TCP/IP, NAT, DHCP, PPP, PPPoE, VPN Network and Client P

Page 61 - Appendix E. Service Ports

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 64

Page 62

User’s Manual 65 Appendix G. Specifications Connectors: LAN: 4 Fast Ethernet (100BaseTX, 10BaseT): RJ-45

Page 63 - Compatibility

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 66 Advanced Settings DHCP: Dynamic host configuration protocol autom

Page 64

User’s Manual 67 Intrusion: Detects 11 types of denial of service (DOS) attacks including: ping of death

Page 65 - Appendix G. Specifications

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 68 Performance Processor: 32-bit RISC CPU Memory:

Page 66

User’s Manual 69 Appendix H. Configuring a System Log Server Because the router’s memory cannot hold as many messages as a computer with a hard drive

Page 67

User’s Manual 7 Windows XP 1. From the Start button, select Settings/Control Panel. 2. Click on Network and Internet Connections. 3. Click the Networ

Page 68

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 70 # /etc/init.d/syslog restart 4. A default install of a recent version of Red Hat Linux has proba-bly also configur

Page 69 - H.1 Red Hat Linux

User’s Manual 71 ConsoleMessage "Starting system log" if [ -f /etc/syslog.conf ]; then if ! pid=$(GetPID syslog); then

Page 70 - H.2 Mac OS X

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 72 8. Select Other under Port Name. Enter 514 and syslog in the Port Number and Description fields, and click OK.

Page 71

User’s Manual 73 Appendix I. Your 802.11b Wireless Network Thank you for choosing Asanté for your wireless networking solu-tions. In order to make wi

Page 72 - H.3 Microsoft Windows

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 74 • The type of walls, windows, doorways or other building structures will affect the range of the wireless sig

Page 73 - Optimum Performance

User’s Manual 75 MAC Address Control Every network device has a unique hardware address known as a media access control (MAC) address. Enabling MAC a

Page 74 - Security

Asanté Technologies, Inc. 821 Fox Lane San Jose, CA 95131 FriendlyNET VR2004 Series VPN Security Router User’s Manual SALES 800-662-9686

Page 75 - WEP Encryption

FriendlyNET VPN Security Router 8 The TCP/IP configuration of your computer is now complete. Re-peat steps 1 – 4 and 7 – 10 to configure additional PC

Page 76

User’s Manual 9 3. Configure Your Router From your computer, use your browser to configure the router for your network. 1. Start your web browser. T

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